Third-party liability insurance in Dubai: Things ou should know

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third party liability insurance in Dubai

Imagine a place where tall buildings touch the sky, and you can go on thrilling adventures; that’s Dubai! Regarding insurance, it’s imperative to know about third party liability insurance in Dubai. It’s like having sunscreen in the hot desert—a must-have. But sometimes people are puzzled about it. We’ll make it simple for you.

So, sit down and talk about the eight myths about third-party liability insurance.  that you should know. We want to ensure you aren’t caught in a storm of wrong information. Let’s make things clear.

Third-party liability insurance in Dubai

  • What It Is:
  • It’s like a safety net that helps when you accidentally harm someone or damage their property.
  • Why It’s Called “Third Party”:
  • It involves you (the first party), the person you might harm (the second party), and the insurance company (the third party).
  • The third-party liability (the insurance company) provides financial stability to both parties, making it fair for everyone.
  • Purpose:
  • It ensures you’re not left with hefty bills when accidents happen.
  • It’s a way to keep things fair and square in unexpected situations.
  • Essential in Various Situations:
  • It’s not just for vehicle owners; it covers accidents in different aspects of life.
  • It helps you relax in adverse situations and provides peace of mind.

Myth 1: TPL Insurance Covers Your Whole Vehicle

Myth: Some individuals mistakenly believe that TPL insurance covers the entire vehicle, including damages to their own.


  • TPL insurance is designed to protect you from the financial repercussions of causing harm to other people’s property or injuring others on the road.
  • It does not extend to covering your own vehicle’s damages, which is where comprehensive insurance comes into play.
  • Understanding the distinction between the two types of insurance is crucial to ensuring you have the right coverage for your vehicle and potential liabilities.

Myth 2: TPL insurance is optional.

Myth: There’s a common misconception that TPL insurance is optional and you can choose not to have it.


  • In the UAE and many other places, TPL insurance is not optional but legally mandatory by law.
  • Every registered vehicle must have this coverage in place.
  • It’s a crucial component of responsible vehicle ownership and driving, as it ensures that you can financially compensate others if you cause damage or harm in a road accident.
  • Ignoring this requirement can lead to fines and legal consequences.

Myth 3: TPL Insurance Doesn’t Provide Benefits to the Policyholder

Myth: Some think TPL insurance only benefits the other party involved in an accident and provides no advantages to the policyholder.


  • While TPL insurance is primarily designed to safeguard the interests of the third party—the person or property you may harm in an accident—it also offers valuable benefits to the policyholder.
  • If you cause an accident, TPL insurance will cover the financial liabilities, legal expenses, and potential compensation, ensuring that you don’t have to bear the brunt of these costs alone.
  • It provides peace of mind and a financial safety net for policyholders, making it a vital part of responsible car ownership.

Myth 4: TPL Insurance Isn’t Necessary for Older Vehicles

Myth: The myth is that TPL insurance is unnecessary for older vehicles, as they are less valuable or less prone to accidents.


  • TPL insurance is required for all registered vehicles, regardless of age or value, in the UAE.
  • Its primary purpose is to ensure that vehicle owners can fulfil their financial obligations if they cause harm to others on the road.
  • Therefore, the age or value of the vehicle doesn’t exempt it from this legal requirement.

Myth 5: Coverage under car insurance is for traffic accidents only.

Myth: Some people believe that car insurance only covers accidents on the road, but it also protects drivers in various situations.


  • TPL insurance coverage is not limited to accidents that occur solely on the road.
  • It also covers accidents involving your vehicle that may occur outside of traffic, such as those that might happen in a parking lot or at a location away from the public road.
  • TPL insurance aims to protect against potential liabilities you might incur, regardless of where the accident occurs.


Myth 6: TPL Insurance Is Enough

Myth: The misconception that TPL insurance alone provides comprehensive coverage for all possible scenarios


  • TPL insurance is undoubtedly crucial, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • It is designed to cover specific aspects of potential liabilities to third parties.
  • Other types of insurance, such as comprehensive insurance, serve different purposes.
  • Relying solely on TPL insurance might leave you exposed to significant financial risk.
  • To have complete protection, it’s essential to have both types of coverage in place.

Myth 7: Buying TPL car insurance is not a challenging task.

Myth: Some assume that purchasing TPL car insurance is a straightforward process.


  • Acquiring TPL insurance is a crucial step but can also be challenging.
  • Choosing the right policy, understanding its terms and conditions, and ensuring it fits your needs require careful consideration.
  • Different insurance providers may offer various coverage options and pricing, so comparing policies and making an informed decision is essential.
  • TPL insurance is a critical financial and legal commitment, and selecting the right approach is a responsible choice for any vehicle owner.

Myth 8: TPL Insurance Provides Coverage for Personal Injuries

Myth: The myth that TPL insurance extends to cover personal injuries sustained in a car accident


  • TPL insurance primarily focuses on covering damages or injuries you may cause to others involved in an accident.
  • It does not provide coverage for your injuries.
  • In the event of personal injuries resulting from a car accident, your health insurance typically comes into play to cover your medical expenses.
  • Therefore, it’s crucial to have both TPL and private health insurance to ensure comprehensive protection in case of an accident.


To conclude, TPL (third-party liability) car insurance myths can lead to confusion and potential financial risks. By understanding the facts and debunking these misconceptions, you can make well-informed decisions, comply with legal requirements, and safeguard your interests and those of others on the road. It’s about driving with peace of mind and being a responsible vehicle owner in the UAE.

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