Car Insurance Dubai: Choosing Comprehensive vs Third Party

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Car insurance dubai

So you’ve finally decided to get yourself a set of wheels in Dubai. Congratulations! Now comes the important bit – choosing the right car insurance. 

The two most common options are third-party liability insurance and comprehensive coverage. As a driver, the choice can seem confusing. Do you opt for basic third-party coverage to save some dirhams? Or do you spend more on comprehensive insurance for greater peace of mind?

This is an important decision that depends on your needs and budget. Third-party liability covers only the other vehicle in an accident you cause. Comprehensive insurance includes third-party liability and protects your vehicle from damage or theft. The good news is we’ve done the research to help you find the best car insurance Dubai to get you the right choice. Read on to weigh the pros and cons of each option so you can hit the road with confidence.

Third-Party Liability Car Insurance in Dubai: The Basics

Third-party liability insurance is the most basic level of auto coverage you can get in Dubai. It protects you against claims from other drivers if an accident is your fault. However, it won’t pay for any damage to your own car.  

What does third-party liability cover?

Third-party liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage claims made by other parties involved in an accident you cause. Specifically, it covers:

  • Medical bills and lost wages for people injured in the accident
  • The other driver’s car repair or replacement costs
  • Legal fees to defend you in court against third-party claims

What third-party liability does NOT cover

  • Damage to your own vehicle from an accident you cause
  • Theft of or damage to your vehicle from events other than collisions
  • Additional extras like roadside assistance or courtesy cars

Is third-party liability right for you?

Affordable third-party insurance for cars not only meets the basic legal requirement for driving in Dubai but also stands as the most cost-effective choice However, you’ll be on the hook for any damage to your own vehicle. So, unless you drive an older car and want to save money, comprehensive insurance is probably a better choice. It provides more complete coverage so you can feel confident behind the wheel no matter what happens.

In the end, The right choice for you depends on your situation.

Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai: Full Coverage for Your Vehicle

Comprehensive coverage is the most complete option. It provides coverage for both third-party liability as well as damage to your own vehicle. This means that in an accident, comprehensive insurance will pay for repairs to your car in addition to any costs for the other party.

Comprehensive coverage typically includes:

  • Third-party liability: Pays for damages to other vehicles and property in an accident you cause. This provides coverage for medical bills and repair costs.
  • Collision insurance: Covers repairs to your own car following an accident. This includes collisions with other vehicles as well as single-vehicle accidents like hitting a lamppost.
  • Theft coverage: Pays if your vehicle is stolen. Comprehensive coverage will reimburse you for the market value of your vehicle.
  • Vandalism coverage: Pays for repairs if your vehicle is damaged due to vandalism like keying, spray painting, or tire slashing.
  • Natural disaster coverage: Pays for damage from events like flooding, fire, falling objects, or animal collisions.

While comprehensive coverage does cost more in premiums, for many the added protection and peace of mind are worth the investment. If your vehicle is newer or you want full protection, comprehensive is probably your best choice. In order to locate a policy that suits your demands and budget, compare quotes from various insurers.

Comparing Third-Party vs Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai

Comparing the two most common types of car insurance Dubai can help you determine what coverage is right for your needs and budget.

Third-Party Liability Insurance

This basic coverage protects you financially if you cause damage to someone else’s vehicle or property. It covers the other party’s costs, but not your own vehicle.Third-party Liability insurance is mandatory in Dubai,so it provides the minimum coverage required by law.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive coverage includes third-party liability but also protects your own vehicle. It covers costs for damages to your car from events like collisions, theft, fire, or vandalism. Comprehensive insurance provides more financial protection and peace of mind in case the unexpected happens. However, premiums are higher than third-party only.

Some factors to weigh when choosing between these options:

  • Cost – Third-party is cheaper but comprehensive provides more coverage. Evaluate your risk tolerance.
  • Value of your vehicle – If you have an expensive car, the additional coverage of comprehensive insurance is probably worth the investment. For an older car, third party car insurance may suffice.
  • Driving history – Safe drivers typically get lower premiums for comprehensive insurance. If you have a history of accidents or traffic violations, third-party keep costs down.
  • Coverage needs – Do you want protection only for liability claims? Or do you want coverage for your own vehicle damages as well? Assess how much risk you want to retain versus transfer to the insurance company.

In the end, you need to determine if the additional coverage and protection of comprehensive insurance is worth the higher premium for your situation. Review quotes from top insurers like Oman Insurance Company, Adamjee Insurance, and Orient Insurance to make the choice that gives you the optimal combination of coverage and affordability.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Third-Party and Comprehensive Car Insurance

When choosing between third-party liability coverage and comprehensive coverage for your car insurance Dubai, there are a few important factors to weigh:

Your Budget

Comprehensive coverage typically costs more in premiums since it provides more extensive protection. If you’re on a tight budget, third-party liability may be more affordable. Find the most affordable price for the coverage you require by comparing quotes from several insurers

The Value of Your Vehicle

If you have an expensive or new car, comprehensive coverage is probably worth the investment. It will cover the costs to repair or replace your vehicle in the event of an accident, theft, or other incident. With third-party only, you’re responsible for the costs to repair or replace your own vehicle.

How Much Risk You Want to Assume

Third-party liability only covers damages to other vehicles and property. If anything happens to your own car, the costs are on you. Comprehensive coverage provides peace of mind that you’ll be compensated for unforeseen events like severe weather damage, theft, or accidents where you’re not at fault. You have to decide how much risk you’re comfortable assuming.

Where You Typically Drive

If you do a lot of driving, especially on high-traffic roads or highways, comprehensive coverage is a good idea. There is more opportunity for accidents and collisions that could damage your vehicle. If you only drive occasionally around town, third-party may be adequate and save you money on premiums.

Your Driving Record

If you have a history of frequent accidents or traffic violations, comprehensive coverage may be your only option. Insurers view you as a high-risk driver and may not offer you a third-party-only policy. Comprehensive coverage, though more expensive, at least guarantees you coverage. Safe drivers with a clean record may have more choice between the two options.


So now you have a clear understanding of the differences between third-party and comprehensive car insurance in Dubai. Your needs and money ultimately determine the option you choose. If cost is a concern but you want basic coverage to legally drive, third-party liability should suffice. However, if you want broader coverage for your vehicle and peace of mind in the event of an accident, comprehensive insurance is worth the investment. Either way, make sure you shop around at different insurers to get the best deal. Your vehicle is a big investment, so get the coverage that gives you confidence every time you hit the road in Dubai!

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First-party insurance (comprehensive) covers damage to your own vehicle as well as third-party liability. Third-party insurance covers only liability towards others for damages caused by you.

Fully comprehensive car insurance in the UAE typically covers damage to your vehicle, theft, third-party liabilities, personal accident benefits, and medical expenses, and often includes additional features like roadside assistance

Yes, third-party car insurance in the UAE generally covers personal injuries caused to others in an accident, along with property damage and liabilities you may be legally responsible for. However, it doesn’t cover injuries to you or damages to your own vehicle

Comprehensive insurance in Dubai covers damage to your vehicle, theft, third-party liabilities, and personal accidents, and often includes extras like roadside assistance and agency repairs, offering extensive protection against various scenarios

The UAE offers a stable economy, strategic location, and investor-friendly policies, making it an attractive investment hub.

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