Business Insurance in UAE: Do’s and Don’ts for Small Business

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Business Insurance in UAE: Starting your own business? Remember, insurance is crucial amidst a million other considerations!

Yes, insurance. Boring but necessary.

This article will walk you through the types of insurance you need as a start-up or small business in UAE and how much coverage you should get. We’ll also warn you about some common mistakes new business owners make, like being underinsured or not understanding their policies. Our goal is to make insurance simple so you can check this off your list and get back to the fun stuff – growing your business!

Types of Insurance that Start-ups Need in UAE: 

As a start-up in UAE, you need to protect your business. The top types of insurance for start-ups include:

Group Health Insurance:

By providing affordable healthcare options, start-ups demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of their team members or expatriate.

This not only aids in recruitment efforts but also contributes to a positive work culture. Access to healthcare can enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall job engagement. As start-ups often operate with smaller teams, the affordability of group health plans makes them an accessible and impactful investment in the overall success and health of the workforce.

Business Interruption Insurance:

Business Interruption Insurance is a strategic safeguard against income loss and ongoing expenses during disruptions like fires, floods, or other unforeseen events. By providing financial support during these challenging times, it enables start-ups to weather the storm and resume operations without facing insurmountable financial setbacks.

Workmen’s Compensation:

Investing in workers’ compensation isn’t just about meeting legal requirements; it signifies a commitment to worker well-being. This mandatory coverage offers financial and medical support for on-the-job injuries, fostering a sense of security among labor & workers. Beyond legal compliance, it builds trust and loyalty within the organization. 

This commitment not only enhances workplace morale but also contributes to a positive company reputation, attracting and retaining top talent. In essence, workers’ compensation is an investment in both legal compliance and a healthy, supportive work site environment.

Cybersecurity Insurance:

In the digital age, Cybersecurity Insurance is a critical component for start-ups. It offers protection against the financial fallout from data breaches, cyberattacks, and other online threats. With the increasing reliance on technology, this insurance provides peace of mind, ensuring that any financial losses or reputational damage resulting from a cybersecurity incident are mitigated.

Business Insurance (Commercial General Liability):

Essential for financial protection against unforeseen events, commercial general liability insurance is a cornerstone in a start-up’s risk management strategy. It shields businesses from the financial fallout of unexpected incidents, such as accidents, injuries, or lawsuits. This coverage extends beyond immediate expenses, encompassing legal fees, medical bills, and property damage.

For start-ups navigating the uncertainties of their early stages, this insurance provides a critical safety net. Additionally, the option to include umbrella insurance offers an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the business is resilient in the face of unforeseen challenges.

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Fleet Insurance:

For start-ups dependent on a fleet of vehicles, fleet insurance is indispensable. This type of insurance protects the business from potential financial losses associated with accidents, theft, or other incidents involving company vehicles. Choosing between liability-only and full coverage depends on the assessed value of the vehicles and the risk tolerance of the start-up.

By tailoring coverage to specific needs, start-ups can ensure comprehensive protection. Additional features, such as roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, and medical payments, can be incorporated into the policy, providing a holistic approach to safeguarding the business’s mobility assets.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Insurance in UAE

When choosing insurance for small business in UAE, there are some common mistakes to avoid.

Not getting the right coverage

Don’t assume a standard business owner’s policy will cover all your needs. Make sure you understand what’s actually covered and not covered. If you have special equipment, inventory, or vehicles, you’ll need additional policies to properly insure them. Also check if you need extra coverage for natural disasters common in your area like floods or earthquakes.

Overpaying for premiums

Shop around at different insurance companies to compare rates and coverage. As a new business, you want to keep costs low without sacrificing important coverage. Look for companies that specialize in small business or start-up insurance – they may offer lower premiums and understand your unique needs better.

Not reviewing policies regularly

Your business and risks change over time. Review your insurance for small businesses in UAE at least once a year to make sure you have adequate coverage at a good price. You may find new discounts or plans that better suit your evolving needs. As your business grows, you’ll likely need to increase coverage amounts to properly insure higher value equipment, inventory, and other assets.

Skimping on coverage to save money

Don’t be tempted to get minimal coverage just to pay a lower premium. The short-term savings aren’t worth the risk of being underinsured if there’s a claim. Make sure you have coverage amounts that fully reflect the value of your business assets and potential risks. One major claim could put you out of business if you have inadequate coverage. Pay for insurance as you would any other critical business expense.

Not taking advantage of available discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts for bundling multiple policies together, installing security systems, fire sprinklers or smoke detectors, and good credit scores. Ask your agent about any discounts you may qualify for to save money on premiums. Every little bit helps when you’re a start-up.

Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Insurance Policies in UAE

Getting the best rates on your insurance policies for your start-up or small business comes down to a few key tips. Follow these and you’ll be well on your way to affordable, comprehensive coverage.

Compare quotes from multiple carriers

Don’t just go with the first insurance company you find or what you’ve used in the past. Compare quotes from at least 3-5 top insurance providers to find the most competitive rates. Provide the same information for each quote to get an accurate comparison of coverage and premiums.

Consider bundling policies

If you need various types of insurance for small businesses in UAE like liability, property, auto, and professional insurance, bundling multiple policies together with one carrier can qualify you for a bundle discount of up to 20% off. Make sure the bundle still offers good coverage and competitive rates for each type of insurance though.

Take advantage of available discounts

Inquire about any discounts the insurance company may offer for start-ups or small businesses. Common discounts include:

•Multi-policy: Bundle different types of insurance together.

•Safety: Have safety measures like fire alarms, sprinklers or security systems installed.

•Loyalty: Stay with the same insurance provider over time.

•Early payment: Pay premiums in full upfront instead of installments.

•Non-smoker: For health insurance, have a non-smoking workforce.

Consider higher deductibles

Opting for higher deductibles, especially on property and liability insurance, can significantly lower your premiums. Make sure any deductible you choose is still affordable for your business in the event of a claim. You can also look at packages with a mix of lower and higher deductibles on different types of coverage.

Review and negotiate rates annually

Insurance rates change over time. Review your policies and quotes from competitors again each year to make sure you’re still getting the best value. Don’t hesitate to negotiate with your current provider to match or beat a lower quote you find. Loyal, long-term customers often have the most success getting rates lowered.


And there you have it, the essential do’s and don’ts for securing the right insurance for small businesses in UAE. Now you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to take action. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to think about insurance – that’s a recipe for disaster. 

Do your research, understand your risks, and find policies that properly protect your company and your customers. While insurance isn’t the most exciting part of running a business, it provides essential security and peace of mind. Consider it an investment in your company’s future and get the right coverage in place today. With the basics handled, you can get back to focusing on what really matters: GROWING YOUR BUSINESS. 

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