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Bike Insurance in UAE

Third-Party Liability Coverage: Bike insurance typically includes third-party liability coverage. This coverage protects you from legal and financial liabilities if you cause injury to someone else or damage their property while riding your motorcycle.

Financial Protection: Bike insurance provides financial protection against unexpected expenses. In the event of an accident or damage to your motorcycle, the insurance covers repair or replacement costs, saving you from substantial out-of-pocket expenses.

Legal Assistance: Bike insurance providers often offer legal assistance. In case of legal disputes related to your motorcycle, your insurer can provide guidance and support, helping you navigate legal processes more effectively.

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Bike insurance in UAE, provided by, offers financial protection against accidents, theft, and damage to your motorcycle. It is required by law in the UAE to ensure your legal compliance and safeguard your financial interests in case of unexpected events.
The minimum requirement, mandated by UAE law and provided by, is Third-Party Liability insurance. This coverage protects against damage to third parties.
You can obtain a bike insurance quote in UAE from by visiting our website, filling out the necessary information, and receiving a customized quote instantly.
To purchase bike insurance from, you will typically need to provide your Emirates ID, bike registration, and driver's license to comply with the necessary documentation.
Yes, offers additional coverage options, such as personal accident coverage, that you can add to your bike insurance policy. This provides extra protection in case of injury or disability resulting from an accident. Please contact us for specific details on this optional coverage.